Kim Martin Company Commercial Real Estate is celebrating over 15 years of commercial real estate services.  As owner of Kim Martin Company, her approach is simple:

Personal Service ... Passion & Commitment ... Precise Attention to Detail ... Perseverance & Integrity

Kim Martin devotes the time necessary to facilitate successful commercial real estate transactions.  She has 36 years of commercial real estate experience, which brings a wealth of knowledge to connect the right people with the right property.

Kim Martin Company is about passion and commitment.  Ms. Martin is dedicated to and passionate about providing outstanding service to her clients.

Kim Martin Company is about precise attention to detail.  Our clients value this precise attention to detail and fast response time.  We have the energy and creativity to make great things happen.  We offer a straightforward approach to completing commercial real estate transactions.

Kim Martin Company is about perseverance, hard work, and integrity.  These ingredients make Kim Martin Company successful.  We are persistent and patient, focusing on the task until it is successfully completed.  It is a simple concept: we work hard and never give up.

Perseverance = Success = Kim Martin Company


Our Expertise in commercial property lies in the areas:

     ·      Tenant Representation  

     ·      Project Leasing

     ·      Sales and Acquisitions

     ·      Land Acquisitions / Assemblages

     ·      Development

     ·      Investments

     ·      Property Management

     ·      Construction Management


Kim Martin Company Inc. PO Box 101473 Fort Worth, Texas 76185
Telephone: 817.336.1880 Fax: 817.336.1893 Information: info@kimmartinco.com